Before Aug 2010, I’ve never participated in card challenges. I used to visit the many challenge sites but never made anything.  EVER.  I like to make my cards and layouts as and when I please, not worrying about deadlines and sketches and specific colours etc.  Another reason was that if I did made a card for a challenge, I didnt have a way of showing it to anybody…..because I was (notice the past tense) computer-challenged.

So why am I participating in challenges now………

—coz i want to nudge my creative limits, push it a bit out of the box, try a few different things than what I’m used to

—coz I want to learn to work with deadlines and sketches and specific colours etc

—coz i now have a blog where I can show my creations and I’m a little bit computer-savvy now

—coz I  am ready for challenges…….bring it on people……

I’ve decided to start small and do just a few challenges every week. I dont like combining challenges coz it complicates my mind, so I’m going to post for each challenge seperately.