So here it is…….one complete album with pictures and words. Usually when I make a mini album, I dont put any words in it, because I customize it for the person who buys it. But in this one I wanted to use all the baby girl  stickers that I had with me.  So presenting the pink Baby Girl album. Embellies used are all assorted stash, some stickers, some die cuts and lotsa patterned paper.

Lotsa white space for journaling…..which I believe is the heart of any album…mini or otherwise.

The oval frame is not glued down completely. The right half of the frame is free so that a picture can be slipped inside it easily.

That little paper clip doodad is handmade. I found a pack of paper clips in assorted colours at Odyssey of all places. There are two punched out flowers for the front and back of the clip. A small circle sticker adorns  the front flower.

Once again the top part of the frame is not glued down so that a small picture can be slipped inside. Notice another paper clip doodad.

This is the last page of the album. The right side is a pocket page with three tags of varying heights (for interest). I did not use flash while photographing the album coz it distorted the true colours (case in point…the first pic, the background paper looks bluish whereas its plain white). The patterned paper is a very subtle pink so I used a darker pink cardstock to offset it a bit. I think this album turned out pretty good.