I thought I’d show you guys some ‘done ones’——ie some albums that are already done, completed, finished— with words and senti and embellies and pics etc. I debated a lot whether to post these albums here at all, coz the pics in these are of my kids and I wasnt sure I wanted it all out there in the www. But then I also thought…what the heck….I have their pics on FB too so………the next few days will be posts of some of the minis I’ve made in the past. Here’s the first one………

‘Be who you are’ is my son’s album. He would not like me to post the inside pages of this album, so here’s just the cover page.

This accordian album has the story of our visit to the local zoo last summer with a whole bunch of my daughters cousins. There wasnt much to fill a mini book so I made a accordian and it was perfect…..some pics, lotsa journaling few stickers and it was done. My daughter loves this album coz of the bright colours.