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Sports Themed Mini

I made this sports themed mini recently for my son’s friend at the request of his mom. I am intentionally not showing you the first page coz it has the name of the child on it and this is a surprise gift. I decided to go with a primary colours theme because I thought it would be perfect  for a brand new teen.

Showing you only a few pages in the book. The patterned papers used in this album are a combo of brand new and ones from my stash. I randomly picked up all the blue, red, yellow and green pp/cs and then started playing with them until I was satisfied with the choices. I think it turned out pretty good.

I only hope that my son’s friend likes it.


Sweet 16 – Details

Just a few of the pages of this ‘Sweet 16’ album shown here. I decided to do something fun with the binding. I got the slots punched at Student Xerox like one would for comb binding, but I did not put that plastic comb thingy  through it. I used colourful ribbons that coordinate with the  pages in the album. In case you decide to do this, make sure that you dont pull the ribbons too tight through the slots…..makes it difficult to turn the pages……ask me how I know!

I like this method of binding coz it adds a little pizzaz…….teenagers  like that sorta stuff.  And I do too.


Baby Boy Mini

This album is for a little baby boy who is soon to turn one year old. Lots of blue patterned paper, die cuts, stickers etc have been used in this. There are a some pockets and tags too. I’ve kept it fairly simple so that the parents can add a lot of pictures and there’s also a lot of white space so they can write about baby’s first year.

This above is the title page. I’ve used the last bit of my ‘baby’ transparency on the cover.

The page on the right has a small pocket that fits three tags. The tags are shown in the pic below.

I made this in November, but waited to post the pics because I wanted to be sure that the little baby’s family got to see it first.The album has a total of ten pages.


Recent minis


Three recent minis made on order. Just waiting for them to reach their rightful owner before I show you all the pages. The first one was for a brand new 16 year old girl and I decided not to use any pink. The second one was for a little girl so a lot of pink was used. After making these two girly albums it was nice to do a sporty boy one, which is what the third one is.

Will show you the inside pages soon.


When it rains…

…it pours. Or so they say. That’s what happened in our household on Friday. I was called at 11.30 am to pick up my daughter from school as she had fallen and hit her head. Nasty bruise on the back of her head. And then I was called again at 2.45 pm to pick up my son….he had a broken hand. YUP! A bad fall while playing football during PT caused both his bones in his right fore arm to break like a twig. And before you even ask…he is right-handed.

Fortunately his bones were set right under general anaesthesia and without surgery. Thank God for small mercies! His classmates father was the pediatric orthopaedic surgeon in charge and he was just fantastic. Very calm and composed and that helped us to not panic. We got back home from the hospital this morning and both children are pain free and doing good. In fact, it looks like both of them will be back in school tomorrow.

I am happy that school is only for four more days before Christmas vacation starts.

So that was my weekend……how was yours?


School Project

My son had to make a few craft items for a school art project. They were given about five things to choose from and he was very happy that ‘greeting cards’ was one of  choices. That made our job very easy. I dont think we even gave much thought to the other choices in the list. We were making cards and that was it.

 So with a little help from his Amma (aka me) he made these three note cards and three any occassion greeting cards. These were available for sale (the art project was a sort of fundraiser for more art supplies) on their ‘Project Day’ which was held in November.  And yes… these did get sold.

Made my son a happy camper.

That equals to a happy mother.


More Xmas cards

In all probability this is the last batch of xmas cards that I’ll be showing you this year. The last one was an order and I made 25 of those. The tree and star stamp are by StampinUp! and they belong to my very first stamp set that i ever purchased. They are wood mounted. It felt weird using wood mounted stamps after such a long time coz I’ve been a clear stamp convert for a while now.

The embossing on the red paper in the fourth card from above (Peace, love and Joy card with the green dotted ribbon) was done using my age-old Fiskars embossing template. I actually bought it for my kids to play with. My kids loved to rub their crayons over it to make designs on paper. Ha ha….guess who is using it now. Running it through the Cuttlebug took some trial and error….but eventually I got it right.

 My local stationery store, Ananda Stores,  now carries the Fiskars Embossing Templates in packs of six (templates are double sided so that’s 12 deisgns in all). And for all those clear stamp lovers, he also carries a set of 10 different sized acrylic blocks (1omm thickness) for Rs.650. They are not available off the shelf. You have to place an order for it and he takes about 2 weeks to get them ready.  An awesome deal, I tell ya. So that’s my good deed for the day.


Thank You! Yes YOU!

Thank you to every single person who stops by this blog and takes the time to leave comments. I sincerely appreciate the effort. Some of you regulars and some of you visit occassionally. Your comments mean a lot to me. I do try and visit your blogs at least once a week. Right now every hour in my day is calling out for attention and I am barely able to squeeze in time for crafting.

From daily posts to nothing for two months……both the extremes dont work for me.  In my eagerness to show you all the stuff that I make I committed to posting daily, but it was getting to be a lot of pressure. I’ve decided to post only every few days. I am telling myself that its ok if I dont post anything….and its ok if I dont post a card pic with my post too.

Thank you so much for you suppport. Every person likes their work to be appreciated and acknowledged by fellow crafters, so I am mindful of the time you spend here and I hope to make it worth your while when you do stop by.



Christmas Tags

With all the left over scraps of pp I decided to make tags. The first three sets of tags are all made that way. For the last one I decided to make my own pp with stamps from PTI. I think it turned out ok. That white cardstock is very shimmery which unfortunately does not show up well on camera.


One layer Xmas cards

One layer cards have been a challenge for me. I am just not a one-layer kinda girl. But I had to try…..and like that little spider in the  story I tried and tried and tried again until I was satisfied with my attempts. I am very proud to show you my first successful attempt at one-layer cards. Now…I do have to tell you that I ruined a whole bunch of pristine white cardstock in this process. But then no pain… gain…..right?

I have to thank Susan for the umpteen tutorials on her blog for she is the Queen of one-layer cards. And to Tejal for introducing Susan’s work to me. Thanks guys. Have been inspired by both of you.