Thank you to every single person who stops by this blog and takes the time to leave comments. I sincerely appreciate the effort. Some of you regulars and some of you visit occassionally. Your comments mean a lot to me. I do try and visit your blogs at least once a week. Right now every hour in my day is calling out for attention and I am barely able to squeeze in time for crafting.

From daily posts to nothing for two months……both the extremes dont work for me.  In my eagerness to show you all the stuff that I make I committed to posting daily, but it was getting to be a lot of pressure. I’ve decided to post only every few days. I am telling myself that its ok if I dont post anything….and its ok if I dont post a card pic with my post too.

Thank you so much for you suppport. Every person likes their work to be appreciated and acknowledged by fellow crafters, so I am mindful of the time you spend here and I hope to make it worth your while when you do stop by.