…it pours. Or so they say. That’s what happened in our household on Friday. I was called at 11.30 am to pick up my daughter from school as she had fallen and hit her head. Nasty bruise on the back of her head. And then I was called again at 2.45 pm to pick up my son….he had a broken hand. YUP! A bad fall while playing football during PT caused both his bones in his right fore arm to break like a twig. And before you even ask…he is right-handed.

Fortunately his bones were set right under general anaesthesia and without surgery. Thank God for small mercies! His classmates father was the pediatric orthopaedic surgeon in charge and he was just fantastic. Very calm and composed and that helped us to not panic. We got back home from the hospital this morning and both children are pain free and doing good. In fact, it looks like both of them will be back in school tomorrow.

I am happy that school is only for four more days before Christmas vacation starts.

So that was my weekend……how was yours?