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Inspired by Laura Denison

This album was inspired by one that Laura Denison made in one of her many Youtube videos. Of course I wasnt able to find the link to the exact video now, but click on her name for the link to her blog. (I’m still searching for the link, the moment I find it I’ll link it up)  Her work is wonderful and truly extraordinary. She made each page of this album using one 12 by 12 double sided patterned paper. Mine has five pages = five 12 by 12 sheets. Then I used three other 12 by 12 sheets for the front, back and misc. cover ups.

I made this one for my son, he turned 13 in 2010…so this album will document his first year as a teenager. The blank pages will be covered up with photos and journaling and stamping. I will show you the finished album when I’m done with it.

The page on the right flips up to reveal a pocket inside…see pic below.

That same page on the right now flips out — there is a gatefold on the left and right page, with tag inserts in the pocket above. The centre panel also flips up to reveal another pocket with insert…see the two pics below.

Lots and lots of pockets and tags, so ample space for writing. I havent explained much as Laura does a much better job at it. She is the Queen of pockets and tags and inserts, esp where you least expect it.  Thanks to Tejal for introducing me to Laura’s work. I’m a big fan now.

Papers are by Luxe Designs…..bold and bright colours….very apt for a teenage boy. Luxe even had matching ribbons. Sadly the company closed down last year.


Our first Golu…

Oops….I’ve forgotton to take the pic of the first page. My bad. Meanwhile here are the inside pages.

What is a ‘Golu’? Just like the Christmas tree decorated with ornaments during….well….Christmas time, we have the ‘Golu’ decorations during Navarathri/Dusshera. A rough description would be- figurines of gods and goddesses and various dolls with mythological significance arranged on a series of odd-numbered steps. My family traditionally does not keep ‘golu’, but  my daughter and mom-in-law really wanted our family to start this tradition, so we did. These are pics from our first golu (2008).

My daughter really enjoyed all the dressing up and inviting her friends, disrtibuting the prasadam and gifts etc. We’ve continued our tradition since then and a lot more dolls have been added to the steps.


A slice of your life…

This is a uniquely shaped album. Its 12 by 6 inches, made by cutting 12 by 12 patterned papers in half. Other than the fact that it is a bit difficult to store, I quite like the shape. This album documents some of the events that happened in 2008 in my daughters life. Once again it has a lot of journaling. I was just getting  into 3D embellishments then……this one actually has a lot of layered stickers and vellum too.

The last two pages have some interesting stories about my daughter when she was in first grade.


Pocket mini

A small pocket mini….that is suppposed to fit in my purse…….and guess what…..It does!

The inside pages are of  two different sizes. Pages have lots of  word stickers for journaling prompts. I made this one from a lot of scraps and I made it for myself…to carry in my purse……with pictures of my family in it. The insides are yet to be completed.


More old albums

These are two of my sons albums. The first one has a lot of  personal journaling so I am not showing you the inside pages. The papers are by Basic Grey. I made this one four years ago.

This second one also has personal journaling that I am not comfortable sharing. So I am only showing you pages with pics and some general journaling. These papers are by Cosmo Cricket and they are one-sided. I used the white side for writing and the left for pics and embellies. Lots of chipboard and rub ons have been used in this album.

As you can see from this last page, I make mistakes and corrections on my pages. And that’s ok. The goal is not perfection, its documentation and telling the stories of my kids that’s more important.


Zoo accordian

A visit with cousins to Vandalur Zoo two years ago. The colours of this accordian were inspired by my daughters dress. She loves to look at the pics and read the story. I didnt have a lot of pics to warrant a full mini, this accordian was just the right size.

And yes…we have more girl cousins than boy cousins so my son decided to pass this trip. There are times when girl-power totally overwhelms him.



My daughter is very scared of the ocean. And we live one block away from the beach. Tough luck, huh. She avoids the water like the plague. But this one time she wanted to be brave coz her cousins were around her. She really did try. But her fear won in the end. She stuck to shore activities after the water ‘got her’ once. I wanted to document this occassion and it called for a mini album. This one used Cosmo Cricket papers and a lot of rub ons. I made it two years ago.

This paper pack came with two pages of die cuts and word dies. I think I used them all in this album.


Old albums

I thought I’d show you some of the mini’s that I’ve made over the years.

I like to journal in my albums in my own handwriting. Not that I am proud of my handwriting, I just happen to think that my kids will appreciate that in the future.

 I wanted to take my kids to the Govt Museum at Egmore in Chennai. So we got a group of kids (five boys and two girls) ready, with picnic lunch and set off in the morning. Only to find that the museum was closed that day due to Mahavir Jayanthi. So we shifted to Plan B——uh-oh! we hadnt made any. We took a vote and it was decided that we would visit the Vivekananda Museum at the Marina. The kids did good for the first half but then got bored. Fortunately I had a cousin who was posted at the Madras Port…..some phone calls were made and we were on our way to see the Port. We even got to take a ride in a launch boat around the harbour. The kids loved it and it was the highlight of our day.

I am not showing you the pages which have pics of the kids as I dont have permission from their parents to post it.

This album tells the story of that day, as told from my son’s perspective.

I made my son and two of his friends write about their trip on the last page. They did so very grudgingly. Someday they will thank me!


A brothers gift…

This album was made on the request of a good friend of mine. The album is for a boy to document his first year as a big brother to his little sister. A lovely thoughtful gift.  While on my way to drop off the album I realised that i hadnt clicked any pictures of it. Thankfully I had my camera with me. So I took the pictures  in my moving car. So the lighting will be weird and funny, but at least I have the pics, right?

I found the cute little puffy frog stickers at my local craft store. This type of ribbon binding is my new fav way to hold an album together. Gives me a chance to use up my enormous ribbon stash. The alphabet stickers are also from my stash.



This accordian was made on request for a little girls birthday. I only had about two hours to work on it. And the person who ordered it liked it so mission accomplished. Here are the pics…..

It was really cloudy that day so i ended up taking pics on my living room floor.