I thought I’d show you some of the mini’s that I’ve made over the years.

I like to journal in my albums in my own handwriting. Not that I am proud of my handwriting, I just happen to think that my kids will appreciate that in the future.

 I wanted to take my kids to the Govt Museum at Egmore in Chennai. So we got a group of kids (five boys and two girls) ready, with picnic lunch and set off in the morning. Only to find that the museum was closed that day due to Mahavir Jayanthi. So we shifted to Plan B——uh-oh! we hadnt made any. We took a vote and it was decided that we would visit the Vivekananda Museum at the Marina. The kids did good for the first half but then got bored. Fortunately I had a cousin who was posted at the Madras Port…..some phone calls were made and we were on our way to see the Port. We even got to take a ride in a launch boat around the harbour. The kids loved it and it was the highlight of our day.

I am not showing you the pages which have pics of the kids as I dont have permission from their parents to post it.

This album tells the story of that day, as told from my son’s perspective.

I made my son and two of his friends write about their trip on the last page. They did so very grudgingly. Someday they will thank me!