Oops….I’ve forgotton to take the pic of the first page. My bad. Meanwhile here are the inside pages.

What is a ‘Golu’? Just like the Christmas tree decorated with ornaments during….well….Christmas time, we have the ‘Golu’ decorations during Navarathri/Dusshera. A rough description would be- figurines of gods and goddesses and various dolls with mythological significance arranged on a series of odd-numbered steps. My family traditionally does not keep ‘golu’, but  my daughter and mom-in-law really wanted our family to start this tradition, so we did. These are pics from our first golu (2008).

My daughter really enjoyed all the dressing up and inviting her friends, disrtibuting the prasadam and gifts etc. We’ve continued our tradition since then and a lot more dolls have been added to the steps.