This album was inspired by one that Laura Denison made in one of her many Youtube videos. Of course I wasnt able to find the link to the exact video now, but click on her name for the link to her blog. (I’m still searching for the link, the moment I find it I’ll link it up)  Her work is wonderful and truly extraordinary. She made each page of this album using one 12 by 12 double sided patterned paper. Mine has five pages = five 12 by 12 sheets. Then I used three other 12 by 12 sheets for the front, back and misc. cover ups.

I made this one for my son, he turned 13 in 2010…so this album will document his first year as a teenager. The blank pages will be covered up with photos and journaling and stamping. I will show you the finished album when I’m done with it.

The page on the right flips up to reveal a pocket inside…see pic below.

That same page on the right now flips out — there is a gatefold on the left and right page, with tag inserts in the pocket above. The centre panel also flips up to reveal another pocket with insert…see the two pics below.

Lots and lots of pockets and tags, so ample space for writing. I havent explained much as Laura does a much better job at it. She is the Queen of pockets and tags and inserts, esp where you least expect it.  Thanks to Tejal for introducing me to Laura’s work. I’m a big fan now.

Papers are by Luxe Designs…..bold and bright colours….very apt for a teenage boy. Luxe even had matching ribbons. Sadly the company closed down last year.