Remember when I told you that I’ve been swamped by embellishments.  Well……here is the proof…….

I thought you might like to see how I go about creating my embellies.

Step one:I sort out all scraps of cs and pp according to colour- reds, blues, green, yellow and orange, pink and purple, browns and tans, black and grey etc. Here is the pic………………………

Step two: Using my dies and punches I cut out the various shapes that will form the base of the embellies. No new sheet is used for this purpose, only my scraps of cs and pp. The pic below is of some of the die-cuts  from  my new PTI dies that I was talking about.  

Arent those little birdies cute. Add a dot for the eyes and two lines for legs and they would look absolutely adorable on a card.

Step three: Is to pull out coordinating ribbon, buttons, ready-made flowers, bling etc. I also pull out my stash of stamped and cut out goodies. Next is to get my glue dots and Fevicol and rubber cement ready…….sorry dont have a pic for this step.

Step four: Just start to put all of these products together. I usually just arrange about 20-25 tags/embellies/flowers in a row and then glue the whole batch at one time. I’ll then set these aside to dry and work on the next set of 10-15. I dont glue them individually for two reasons- one being that I usually play around with each embellishment and will keep changing the arrangement at least a couple of times…..not gluing them down gives me that flexibility. And the second reason is that its just easier for me, this system works for me.  I usually get a assembly line going- flip the piece of paper over, apply Fevicol, spread glue with Q-tip (I dislike using my fingers), stick it where it belongs.

Here are the finished embellies……………………………..

So there you have it. These little beauties are all ready to be used up on a card and scrapbook page. These have been keeping me busy and I am not complaining.

Thanks for stopping by,