PTI’s 4th Anniversary celebrations are on in full swing. Pop in over there for the latest. You wont be sorry.

I couldnt participate in the Day 2 challenge as I dont have a printer at home to download the tags (you were supposed to use those for the challenge project). But I am here with the Day 3 challenge. Here’s my version of the Go-to sentiment card………………………..

Now,  I have some PTI stamps but not a lot. Usually I buy just one or two sentiment stamps and I re-use them a lot. I prefer a variety of  image stamps instead. Todays challenge called for a ‘sentiment collage’ to be used. Since i dont have many of the same sentiment stamps, I improvised.

I used 8 of the phrase stamps from Big and Bold Wishes and made my own patterned paper out of it. All of those phrases relate to the main sentiment ‘Thank You’.

I then proceeded to cut a swatch from the centre of this paper for the centre panel of my card. Here is the finished product. Very simple and very basic. No fuss, no muss…..again.

Happy Anniversary PTI.