I do. Truly do.

Even with the pink on it, I love it.

Maybe because it has so much brown to offset the pink.

Remember the whole bunch of embellies I made recently. If you look at the last pic you will find a large trapezoid shaped tag with a brown butterfly on it……that’s the one I’ve used as the focal point for this card with a couple more additons.

Kinda like how the cards turned out…….despite the pink!

So this is my submission for ‘A week in cards’ (AWIC) 2nd edition. Thanks Jaya for coming up with this initiative. I am not sure if the linky tools are ready yet. But my card is. Once Mr.Linky is ready, I’ll add this onto that.

EDIT: Apparently it helps if you read your emails completely. The 2nd edition of AWIC begins tomorrow not today. Oops! And folly number two would be that I forgot I’m supposed to CASE a card. Lets just say this card above is just a warm up and the actual challenge cards will be back from tomorrow. Sorry for the confusion folks!