OK….maybe a lot of blue. The pp does most of the work in both these cards.

 I decided to go sentiment-less on both, coz they go in my not-to-be-sold-but-for-my-emergency-stash-pile. My husband will tell me 10 minutes before he has to leave for work……..hmmmmmm, do you have a ———– card ready, I need it right away. You can fill in the blank for the occassion. He likes simple cards with not much layering/ribbons/blings etc. The second card qualifies as one that he will like even with the ribbon coz there isnt a bow on it.

The pp on this second card had that cute lil bird that I absolutely adore. Precisely why it will not make it to the ‘to-be-sold-pile’. Coz of that cute lil bird.

Since I made both yesterday, and today being the first day (officially) for ‘A Week in Cards’ (AWIC day 1), this is my entry for that challenge.

As for the linking stuff…..guys HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know squat about computer stuff and these things are very hard for me. Have been trying to do what Jaya says to do in her mail but for the life of me cant understand how to do it. So pl someone tell me how to get all the other participants names linked here. I am gonna go ahead and post this and once I learn how to do the link stuff I’ll add that on later.