Testing out some colour combos, and using up scraps on my table.

Kids are on vacation and I am playing a lot of roles right now- peacemaker (first things first!), cook (every two hours something to eat), accompanist (not the musical kind……..but the one who accompanies them to swim/tennis classes etc), launderer (my daughter has taken upon herself to wear at least four dresses every single day, she will walk around the house in her party clothes and intentionally pass by the mirror about a million times), board games playmate (when there are no friends around to make up the numbers)…………………………and the other regular mom roles still continue. In all of this I havent found time to sit back and craft. These two cards were made a long time ago, just thought to add a little bit of colour to this post.

I do expect things to be a bit slack around here for the next two months as I spend time together with my kids. They grow up so fast and I dont want to miss a moment. They are still at a stage where they need me, look for me, and I like that.