Today’s trend in Scrapbooking is to use few pictures and a lot of extra embellishments. These pages were made many years ago and it was before the embellishment industry took over like a storm.

I like to keep the photo as my focus and I try to keep the extra stuff to a minimum.  I like the idea of fitting more pictures and journaling on a page. 12 by 12 is a large area and I rarely leave a lot of white space around my photos.

My style is more of a balance between ‘overloading-the pages-with-everything-other-than-the-photo’ and ‘lotsa-empty-space-with-a-single-photo’.

I remember being so excited to find the perfect pp to match my daughter’s dress. The title is a rub on. This little minx is eight going on eighteen now.

Notice the bandage on her right hand. Someday soon I will tell the story of what happened. There are quite a few scrapbook pages devoted to that story.

Until then……….