This was a double page spread, which again is very rare for me. I mostly work on single page layouts. These pics were taken on the same day and tell the same story hence the double page layout.

Once again found the perfect pp to match my daughter’s dress.

The credit for these wonderful photos goes to Claire’s mother Joyce Myers. She snapped these two when they were playing and were right in the middle of a big laugh riot. The centre photo on the first page is my all time fav pic of my daughter. It’s very difficult for me to capture that now coz my daughter gets all posey and conscious in front of the camera. Laughing with abandon is best reserved for off-camera times. There used to be a time when I used to walk around the house with a camera around my neck ready to capture unusual pics. Now if I pick up the camera my kids groan and whine and make silly faces. My daughter might give in sometimes coz she does like to have her pic taken, but my son will not be bribed anymore.

Ah! those were the days……..