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Heart and soul

I really like placing pics in this format— four pics of different sizes inside a square and then to fill the gaps with embellies. I kinda like this and I have used this layout many times with little tweaking here and there. Here are two more.

I really should be working on the ICR Dhin Chak challenge right now…..but inspiration has not hit me yet. I have attempted to make one but wasnt happy with the colour combo so that card was abandoned. Too lazy to start another one. Hopefully tomorrow…..



Fly like a butterfly

Two more old pages for your viewing pleasure. One of each child of mine.


These pictures were taken 6-7 years ago. Its so nice to see how well my kids have grown over the past so many years. They look like little kids in these pics and when I see them in person I see the little people they are trying to become. They are slowly growing out of the kiddy phase and evolving into young adults and to see that transformation is wonderful. I love each stage of their growth and each stage feels better than the other.

Love you kiddos…….


Oh my!!! Look at the cheeks on these girls. I just want to bite them off. As I was taking this page out of the page protector I ripped part of the pic off. I should have been more careful. The humidity here is so high, I keep forgetting that the page protector tends to stick to the glossy surface of the picture. Well……… lesson well learnt.

This page uses a vellum overlay. Since glue shows through vellum I have added glue only at certain places where I can hide it well— behind all the embellies and behind the pic itself. Even with selective gluing there are a lot of wrinkles on the vellum and I dont like that at all.

This page uses a lot of bright cardstock— all inspired from the beautiful dresses of the girls.

Lots going on at the home front.

I am in the midst of cleaning my scrap desk/room right now. It was starting to resemble a pig sty…….really…it was.

I know I have to make a card soon for the the ICR challenge 3 as the deadline is fast approaching.

A bit of a medical situation that needed to be taken care of.

And I have to scrap the pics from our vacation. This time I was smart…I had the mini album ready even before our trip (talk about being over-enthusiastic) with the intention of taking the album on the trip with us and documenting on a daily basis. So much for my good intentions. We were so tired at the end of each day that writing in the album was the last thing on my mind. I did  save all the tickets and tags and now I have to start the process of completing the album. Will show you the pics soon.

I have two mini’s of my daughter in progress now. They are waiting for more pics.

I also have my son’s 13th birthday album almost ready, but he doesnt want me to post the pics here…….so you wont be seeing that for now.

So with all this happening and the kids at home and underfoot and the heat just about stifling the life out of us……….I am back. I am crafting. I am enjoying this summer.

What’s happening with you guys?


ICR #3

Hello there,

I am so sorry for not posting this earlier. I was away on vacation and I just got back.

So here’s the dish about the latest challenge at ICR. Please check it out and participate. I will be making a card inspired by the challenge photo soon… soon as I get vacation laundry outta the way and all my stuff unpacked. I absolutely dislike seeing suitcases lying around in my room. So first things first and then time for crafting.

Another thing about this challenge is that I am sponsoring the prize package this time.

The prize package includes a mini album, a companion micro-mini album and four sheets of embellishments (three on each sheet). I am enjoying looking at all the creations at ICR. So…what are you waiting for….head on there and get creative.


Charming little lady

Ok then….we are off to our vacation. Here’s my post before we leave. See you all in a week’s time. Stay cool till then. I am not liking this heat at all. I hope at least our vacation city will be a little cooler. I wouldnt want to go there and sit in the room. That’s all we do here now-a-days  in Chennai. Stick to the indoors and of course by evening we are getting on each others nerves.

Alrighty then…………going to make more memories…………………….


Romina’s RAK!!!

I received a lovely rak from Romina, recently. Just wanted to share some pics of the lovely goodies. I wasnt home when the package arrived. My daughter was. And the moment I arrived home she was after me to open it to see what was in it. And the second she saw one of the goodies she promptly confiscated it………..see pictorial evidence below.

First up is a card with such cute little monkeys on it…..just adorable.

And what do you know……………………..Romina did up the inside of the card too. The sentiment is so heartfelt and the tearing adds such a nice dimension. I love the sponging on the sides of the cs.

And here is the piece that my daughter was eyeing………………….

Romina thought of everyone………here’s a book she sent for my son…….

The guilty party flaunting her new gift.

Thank you Romina for such a thoughtful gift. It was truly appreciated by us all. Thanks for thinking of us. I am so sorry for posting this so late. Summer vacation does that to you…..


SB 6

Here are some girly girl pics of my little one.

These pages capture the essense of my daughter very well. Every time I look at these pages I can remember what she was like then, how she used to talk, walk, sing……..where exactly the pic was taken, who was with me then, what were we doing………………..everything. And that is why I love scrapbooking. I tell the story to my children as i remember it, as we flip through the pages of the album and sometimes they remember too. They ask more questions and that leads to more stories and in that process new memories are made. I just love all that connection.

Try it. Its worth it.


Just for you

A Maile Belles inspired card. Maile’s style is very CAS and minimalistic. I’ve seen her make cards with flowers on one side of the card and I kinda followed that idea for this card of mine.

The flower stamps are by Autumn Leaves. I stamped them on blue polka dotted pp and hand cut them. Some of the flowers have been popped up on foam dots. PTI’s rick rack die—– well actually, its a scrap. When you use the rick rack die and cut your cardstock, you are left with three pieces— the actual rick rack, and two cs pieces with mountains and valleys like in the sample above. I save those and use them on my projects too. Sentiment is my very first Hero Arts stamp.

Made this one for Tejal and sent it to her a while back along with some goodies.



My creation made it to top three at the first ever ICR challenge. Very pleased with this honour. Many thanks to Asha, Tejal and Sudha for managing the ICR site- I know it takes a lot of time and effort. Please know that your initiative is well appreciated and your work is loved much by us crafters in the blogging world. I dont think we say it enough. THANKS LADIES!!! Now I have to figure out how to add this to my sidebar.

This beautiful bejeweled peacock award came my way through Tejal. Thanks much, Tejal for the award. That’s one stunning peacock, dont you think. Very happy to receive this award.

I would like to pass on this award to the first three comments on this post. Seems fair to me. People who take the time and effort to come here and leave comments deserve something nice in return. So if you are the first three comments on this blog then please accept this award. You deserve it.

I am still a bit under the weather. Not liking it a bit. I am just resting through this icky bug. It helps that my son is at a all day workshop and my daughter is at my mom’s for two days. Will get some naps during the day. Hopefully that and a few heavy doses of meds will get me outta this funk. To top it all, I havent ventured into the studio space for more than a week. I’d borrowed some stamps from Shobana with the idea of working on them while she was out of station. She’ll be back today and I havent touched her stamps. Guess will have to ask for an extension on the borrow-ment!!

Happy summer day everyone!


Simple card

A sweet and simple birthday card. Martha Stewart border punch, local ribbon, old old old pp and cs, cuttle bug balloon dies. A bit of layering and a bit of foam tape. Called it done.

Down with a summer bug so I have been unable to visit fellow bloggers. Will do so as soon as I am better.