Oh my!!! Look at the cheeks on these girls. I just want to bite them off. As I was taking this page out of the page protector I ripped part of the pic off. I should have been more careful. The humidity here is so high, I keep forgetting that the page protector tends to stick to the glossy surface of the picture. Well……… lesson well learnt.

This page uses a vellum overlay. Since glue shows through vellum I have added glue only at certain places where I can hide it well— behind all the embellies and behind the pic itself. Even with selective gluing there are a lot of wrinkles on the vellum and I dont like that at all.

This page uses a lot of bright cardstock— all inspired from the beautiful dresses of the girls.

Lots going on at the home front.

I am in the midst of cleaning my scrap desk/room right now. It was starting to resemble a pig sty…..no….really…it was.

I know I have to make a card soon for the the ICR challenge 3 as the deadline is fast approaching.

A bit of a medical situation that needed to be taken care of.

And I have to scrap the pics from our vacation. This time I was smart…I had the mini album ready even before our trip (talk about being over-enthusiastic) with the intention of taking the album on the trip with us and documenting on a daily basis. So much for my good intentions. We were so tired at the end of each day that writing in the album was the last thing on my mind. I did  save all the tickets and tags and now I have to start the process of completing the album. Will show you the pics soon.

I have two mini’s of my daughter in progress now. They are waiting for more pics.

I also have my son’s 13th birthday album almost ready, but he doesnt want me to post the pics here…….so you wont be seeing that for now.

So with all this happening and the kids at home and underfoot and the heat just about stifling the life out of us……….I am back. I am crafting. I am enjoying this summer.

What’s happening with you guys?