Today marks the last day of vacation for my children. They get back to school tomorrow. I am going to miss having them around. Sure it meant lots less crafting time and a lot less blogging during the summer, but it also meant lotsa hugs and bonding time. I love having my kids home. We are not big on going out for entertainment so we end up spending a lot of time indoors (helps handle the heat too). Its not like its all hunky-dory lovey-dovey all the time…..there’s lotsa fights and arguements and frustrations and defiance….but that is a part and parcel of growing up.

The backpacks are packed and new uniforms and shoes have been set out. Our family tradition is new uniforms from head to toe on the first day of school. There’s a thrill in that. And the kids look so spic and span…not to mention adorable in crisp cotton uniforms and blemish-less pure white shoes. The shoes stay that way for only a day coz the red sand in their school makes the shoes brown within a week. The shoes are never the same again.

My children have told me what they want to eat for lunch on their first day and it will be made tomorrow. I have the camera all charged and ready……to take the ever important first day pics.

Have a great day tomorrow A and A. We love you.

I wasnt going to leave you without any pictures…..and here they are. These pages were very easy to put together as they use a lot of ready made embellies.

The family pic was taken five years ago at a studio.