We went to Hong Kong this summer for a six day break from the sweltering Chennai heat. I made a mini album in advance of our trip with the intention of documenting every single day. But then my best laid plans did not work. We were so tired by the end of each day that writing was the last thing on my mind. I did remember to save little memorabilia every day.

The easy part was that upon our return all I had to do was print our pics and paste them and the album was done. So it was a good idea to get the album ready beforehand after all.

Usually I am all about clean lines and straight stuff, but this time I decided to do things a bit different…….kinda like Ali Edwards christmas albums…….a very eclectic mix of papers and styles. This is not how I usually make my albums and this certainly is a trial…….very different from my usual style. But in the end I do kinda like it. Here are some pics.

The chipboard album is by Maya Road. I covered it with some coordinating papers by Anna Griffin. The blue ribbon is a local purchase.

I’ve used pocket pages in between for hiding personal journaling. Also tucked in some plain cardstock in between the chipboard pages for more journaling.

On the left page is the Disney entrance ticket which we saved and incorporated as an extra embellishment on the page.

I added an envelope too. This is for storing the one page essay that my kids wrote about their HK trip.

This time I decided to print out smaller sized pics so that they would fit inside this small mini. It was a good idea but an expensive one. Who knew that smaller pics cost more to print than larger ones.

On the left page is a pic i took and on the right is the Peak Tram ticket and a small pic i cut out of a brochure.

A pocket page on the left with more journaling about the trip.

An MTR route map cut out from a much larger map. I made a mistake on the right and i am yet to cover it up. This album is only 80% done. When i add the finishing touches to it I will cover the mistake with a sticker or an embellishment.

My husband’s fav Starbucks- picked up an extra cup holder from Starbucks and used it here to hold tags (sorry didnt take pics of the tags). On the right is a piece of napkin from the restaurant with the name on it. Another authentic touch!

Actual luggage tag that was attatched to our suitcase. And another pic cut out from a travel brochure.

There’s a lot going on in this album- lots of colours and patterns. As I said before its a big deviation from my usual style…….but in the end its all about documenting ones memories and this one does that very well. I am happy with the end result.

If you lasted till the end of this post, then you certainly deserve my gratitude. Thanks so much for visiting and for taking the time to read through this post.

Have a great day!