Recently I participated in the ICR Secret Buddy Swap where each of us had to make a set of three 3×3 cards and one tag/bookmark for three secret buddies. It was a lovely experience. The surprise and wait was really hard though. Days spent wondering who my swap buddies were and also worrying if the cards I sent were liked by the people who received them.

Here are the secret swap 3×3 cards that I received:

This one above is from Ujjwal. I have to say that the twine candy card is my fav. Thanks Ujjwal.

In the midst of her admissions, Spardha still found time to participate in the swap and here are her cards and bookmark. The purple card wth the mush is just so cute. Thanks Spardha.

Piali sent me this beautiful collection. The bookmark with the beads at the end….super cute.

Thank you ladies for sharing your art with me. I totally enjoyed the experience. My secret swap buddies were Tejal, Asha and Jovita.

Tejal and Asha…thank you very much for organising this swap.