It’s been a while since I posted scrapbook pages. So here they are.

My daughter loves to play pretend. And in the picture on the first layout she is all packed up to travel to some imaginary place. I’m glad I had my camera handy to capture the moment. I’m sure she had a story to tell that day, which unfortunately I dont remember. But this pic captures her during her playtime  just so perfectly that I didnt think any more words were necessary.

Why is she wearing a duppatta, with the skirt, you might ask…………  I dont wear my duppatta when I am at home. It gets in the way and is kinda cumbersome. I usually drape it over the dining room chair. When I have to step out of the house the first thing I grab is my duppatta and then my purse. Didnt realise that she had noticed it. Since she was ‘travelling’ and leaving the house,she needed a duppatta, hence the fashion statement.

Gosh, she is sooooooo little in these pics. My daughter will be nine in december. These pics were taken five years ago and I remember very clearly her love affair with her sun-glasses. She wouldnt take them off…..ever. Wore them all the time…..even incorporated her glasses in all her pretend play.

These photos have triggered some lovely memories and I have a cheery-happy smile on my face.

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by this blog.

I appreciate it.

I do. Truly.

Thanks much,