Teenagers are the most difficult to create albums for. I wanted to make one which wasnt completely an all-girl (ie all pink, purple and pastel) or all-boy album (ie all blue, brown and dark)………but one that was colourful and would be gender neutral.

These set of papers by Luxe Designs fit the bill totally. And the album turned out quite bright and funky……just the look I was going for.

I’ve made another album using the same line of papers a while back. That album was inspired by Laura Denison and it was for my son’s 13th birthday. Here’s the link——  https://priyavenkatdesigns.wordpress.com/2011/01/28/inspired-by-laura-denison/

And yes….I did use ribbons in the album. No bows on the ribbons though, still keeping it boy-friendly.

Some of the pages look lopsided, but they are not really so in real life. Must be the angle I took the pic.

This album has found a home.

Happy…..I am.