This is one of minis that I made recently when on a creative high. Its for a little baby girl. I found some cute stickers to match the Basic Grey ‘Sweet Threads’ line of papers and that was the starting point. This is the cover and there is still lotsa room on it for adding on the baby’s name, DOB or anything else. It measures 6×6 inches.

Each page is a 12×12 dp that has been folded to make pockets. This is a variation on the 13th birthday album that I made for my son using the Luxe Designs papers. The original idea belongs to Laura Denison, and she had many, many pockets and gate-folds to increase the ‘real estate’ (as she likes to say it) in the album. I kept it very simple, eliminated all the gate-folds and made some changes in the folding of the 12×12 to reduce the number of pockets. There can never be too many pockets, I know, but I wanted to try something different.

I have so many beautiful double-sided designer paper and I am trying to find uses for it where both sides can be showcased. Its always such a tragic waste to glue down one side of a double-sided page. I always feel guilty doing that, almost like a betrayal…….feel like apologising to the side that’s been glued down. This album above has pages that  displays both sides of the Basic Grey paper and I am a happy camper coz of that.