Thought I’d show you some pics of our Navarathri Golu that we put up this year. Our celebrations were a bit understated this year as the anniversary of my father-in-laws passing away fell right in the middle of Navarathri. We did not want to disappoint our kids (read daughter) this year too so we went ahead and arranged the golu.

My children did most of the arranging of the dolls. Both of them were responsible for the flower decorations too. Lets just say that there was some bribing and arm twisting involved where my son was concerned. My daughter on the other hand loved the whole process- from set up to take down and everything else in between. Should I chalk it down to gender or personality…….???

On the day her friends were supposed to come over, she was ready bright and early. She had her clothes and all the accessories picked out. What she wanted most of all was to do up her hair with lots of flowers (she had been growing her hair for a whole year just for this purpose). She got her wish.

The main golu was set up in our dining room. There was another mini-golu set up in our living room (pic above). That framed picture of my kids that you see deserves a blog post in itself and I will do that soon.

These were the ‘tamboolam’ bags for the little girls and their siblings. As for the gifts for the ladies who would visit us, my daughter came up with this brilliant idea of making ‘gift envelopes’ . She said that it would be a waste if we didnt use all the craft supplies that I have and that we HAVE to do something handmade. Now during this peak festival season I didnt want to take up more work, but I couldnt refuse her request either. So I gave in. It did mean a few late-late nights for me, but in the end it was totally worth it.  We made a LOT of  these envelopes, since each tamboolam bag had a set of three envies (she actually wanted five each,  but I brought it down to three)  tied up with a ribbon. A blog post on those envies is soon to follow.