Yes! you are all going to be pretty sick of my minis soon. But I’ve been on a major mini-making ride and I just want to share all of that with you.

So…..yesterday’s post was about the little girl album………today its about that little girl’s sister’s album.

If I remember right, this niece of the aunt who requested the album, is about 10 years young.

So I still decided to do some flowers (tell me which girl doesnt like flowers, huh!). But I changed the colour scheme. A little bit more ‘mature’ choice of colours. Not so much pink/purple. A lot of red, beige, green and a smatterring of blue too. I hope she liked it.

I made a card to go with the album- its on the right of the picture.

I borrowed Shobana’s new PTI Edgers die to make the tops of the pockets on the pages. I didnt add centres to the flowers inside the album coz it got too bulky. I had picked out buttons for the flower centres, but then I was having trouble closing the album so I took them off.

The patterned papers are by K &Company. This was in my collection for sometime coz I just adore them. I finally used up all of it in the process of making this album.

The flowers are from Itsy Bitsy in Bangalore and Parry’s Corner in Chennai.

Its a wet weekend here for us here. Kids are off from school coz its been raining incessantly. My daughter and I are busy crafting and my son is stuck to the tube. It really is a bonus day for them and they are doing what kids love to do— just lounging around the house. Usually they are so busy running from one class to the other, studying, homework, projects etc that it is nice for them to have some down-time with nothing to do.

Well, that’s it from me to you for now. Have a nice weekend people.