How are ya?

I’m good….I’m good.

Many thanks to those who enquired about my absence.

I appreciate it.

A lot.

More than you’ll know.


I was feeling a bit of blog-burnout and I had to back away for a bit lest I get burnt.

But I am back now. This break was good for me.

I never took a break from crafting though. (As if that’s possible)

Been working on some album orders. Will show you those soon.

In the process of taking a blogging-break, I actually had some free time (imagine that!) which I put to good use. I cleaned up my scrap area. I found a lot of things that I know for sure I will not be using anymore. So…….I need to find a good home for my goodies.

Now….some of the stuff is brand new, unopened even……and a lot of the stuff is not-new but not-used either. There ‘s papers and embellies and stickers and stuff. I’ll post pictures soon, so you can get an idea about what’s in it.

I am giving it away.

I am working on how to actually do it, since this will be my first giveaway on this blog.

Stay tuned for more news. Right here……….SOOOOOOON!

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by.