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Well, hello there!

Hi there,

Its been awfully quiet around here. I’m on vacation and I haven’t been crafting at all. I do miss it but I’m also enjoying ┬áthis break……..a paradox really.

Kids have my undivided attention right now. We have been doing some fun things together- both my kids tried indoor sky diving, explored a cave ( rumoured to have bats in it), went up a mountain 14100 feet above sea level, played with snow, walked on a rickety wooden bridge above a 1000 feet deep gorge—- some of these required a lot of courage from those that are scared of heights ( not naming names here) but we did it anyway. We have a lot more adventures in store for the next few weeks too.

We walk a lot every day, see new places everyday and learn a lot every single day. This was a well deserved break for all of us.

I also got the ┬áchance to visit my fav crafting stores and dare I say I’ve stocked up on supplies. No stamps though……… Can you believe I did not buy one single stamp. Lotsa papers and more papers coz that’s my weakness.

Well, this is what I’ve been doing. What’s going on with all of you? Enjoying your summer break?




First Birthday mini album

Pooh Bear was the theme for the first birthday party of a cute little boy. The 100 acre woods was the colour inspiration for this album. A lot of Pooh-isms have been incorporated throughout the album. I have to thank Shobana for the papers and also for printing out the Pooh-isms for me. Our collaboration this past year has worked wonders and PAPERZ has been going strong. We have been kept very busy with exhibitions and orders at regular intervals.

Here are the pictures………………

I added on the birthday boy’s photos after taking pictures of the album.

The papers are all a mix of old and new, mine and Shobanas. Sorry cant list them out coz I dont remember myself.

Lots of inserts have been provided so that the family can journal and also add on the extra pictures.

Now as Pooh woulda said, “And that’s all there is to it.”