Another album made with Shobana’s collaboration. The papers used in this album are all Shobana’s. The client who requested this album was very clear on how she wanted it to look like. She pain-stakingly selected every single element that’s been used on the pages. She even helped in making the album and the matching box (to store the album). And to top it off it had to be made in record time. Shobana was outta town for part of that time and kids had exams and stuff. But we made it just in the nick of time and the client was happy.

Since almost all the pages had the pictures of the family on it, I am not showing you those. I dont feel right about showing someone else’s family picture here. So here are the pages with either the picture partially hidden or with no photos at all………………..

Cant show you the cover page as it has a pretty big photo on it.

On the page below, there’s a mini within a mini. Tied with the green ribbon is a fold out mini with pictures and space for hidden journaling.

Lots of inserts for adding on photos later on. I love the pretty colours of this album.

Now onto Shobana………………..she’ll show you the box that she made to store this album. With all the embellishments popped up for height, this album ended up being almost 3 inches thick. And the albums fits perfectly inside the box. Go take a look here.