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Zoo accordian

A visit with cousins to Vandalur Zoo two years ago. The colours of this accordian were inspired by my daughters dress. She loves to look at the pics and read the story. I didnt have a lot of pics to warrant a full mini, this accordian was just the right size.

And yes…we have more girl cousins than boy cousins so my son decided to pass this trip. There are times when girl-power totally overwhelms him.



This accordian was made on request for a little girls birthday. I only had about two hours to work on it. And the person who ordered it liked it so mission accomplished. Here are the pics…..

It was really cloudy that day so i ended up taking pics on my living room floor.


Accordian album


My daughter requested an accordian album for her best friends birthday. As usual I obliged but with a condition. I refused to do pink. These little seven year olds are obessed with pink and purple….so much so that i cant stand the sight of these two colours anymore. So I chose colours from the other end of the spectrum. I went with black and yellow. Turned out pretty good, I think. My daughter loved it and so did her friend.

The patterned papers is Crayon Box’s Palette of colours. Black cardstock is a local buy, stamps are assorted picks from Michaels, punches are by Carl and the corrugated yellow flowers are from Itsy Bitsy.


This is another kind of mini albums that i like to make- accordian albums.

This one is not an original idea though. Darkroom Door is a stamp company run by Rachel Greig and sometime ago we had an exchange of goodies. I sent her some Indian craft stuff and she sent me these lovely papers (they shimmer IRL) and images. In their artists gallery is the accordian that I used as inspiration for mine .(
I made this album for myself. It has a list of  the blogs that I like to visit, some people I draw creative inspiration from. It has a lot of empty pages coz I keep adding new stuff as and when I discover new artists.