…………………….yes…it is.

There are  christmas trees and glittery stars in every shop on the road. Shops are also overflowing with  fancy garlands, baskets of pretty ornaments, gold and red everywhere…….looks very festive and christmas-y. To top it all off, my daughter is busy practicing her carols. I cant believe that the songs that I learnt as a kid in my convent school are still fresh in my memory. The two of us have been singing christmas songs continuously for the past few days (been driving my son crazy as neither of us can sing well). I find myself humming carols while working at my desk too. Well, I really needed to get ‘Kolaveri’ out of my system…………………..

Kavitha asked if I could design for her next challenge on her ‘For the love of crafting’ blog……………….

The rules for challenge #2 are home decor/gifts projects for Christmas/new year—— anything but a card.

Thank you so much Kavitha, I had a blast making projects for this challenge. I wanted to focus on making christmas tree ornaments. Something simple that even kids can make and, something that doesnt need fancy tools. I ended up making quite a few with my daughter’s constant input (school was off that day coz of Karthigai Deepam).

Here’s the first one:

1) RIBBON WREATH ORNAMENT: Made using ribbon scraps and wire. Optional item: jingle bells. I will post a tutorial for making this ornament soon.

2) SCALLOPED CIRCLE ORNAMENT: You’ll need just ribbon, glue and paper for this one. Now I did use my bug to cut out the scalloped circles, but they can be hand cut too.

Doesnt it look so pretty from the side?

3) CHRISTMAS BAUBLES: This next one is not an original idea. Shobana (thanks much, buddy)  sent me a link to this site ( here) and I was just about blown away by the different beautiful projects there. I chose to make this one as it was the easiest. Since it was my first attempt I used scraps of blue and pink cs (didnt want to waste my good pp) But I was surprised as to how quickly it came together. The baubles needed a generous amount of glue dots too. I used my Coluzzle circle cutter to cut the circles, but you could use a round cup or plate to cut out the circles too.

Materials needed: paper, ribbon, glue dots. Optional items wire and jingle bells.

4)  PYRAMID GIFT BOX: Did have to break out the dies for this one. This was my first time using the die and once again I loved how crisp the cut was and how nicely the die scored the paper (for folds). I cut once out of pp and once out of jungle green cs (the pp was thin so it needed a backing) If using higher gsm designer paper, then backing is not needed.

The box is designed to fall open completely when you remove the ribbon. But I glued three sides of the pyramid together and kept one side open. It’s  perfect for little gifts—— bracelets, ear rings, even money and………….maybe some chocolate…………..imagine a ferrero rocher tucked inside……… wouldnt that make the receipient super-duper happy.

5) RECTANGULAR GIFT BOX: Used Lifestyle Crafts die for this one.  Cute sized box, perfect for tucking in a gift card, some walled size pictures or even a tiny mini album. The outside of the box is decorated with a Martha Stewart punch, Paper Shapers circle punch and PTI stamps (couldnt make a post without using my fav stamps now, could I?)

Alright then, what are you waiting for……………..get cracking on your project and participate in the challenge. You have until the end of the month. Imaginations online store is the sponnsor and you can see a picture of their prize package here.

Looking forward to your creations,