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Fellow blogger friend, Priya Sivaraj, stopped by my house on Sunday. She brings her son to the skating rink thrice a week and the rink is very close to where I live. Last time I met her at the rink and this time I requested her to stop by my place. She did, but for only a few minutes. Next time hopefully the meeting will be longer.

She also brought along with her some wonderful goodies. And here they are………

That’s quite a lot of stuff. My daughter was jumping with joy and has already placed her requests for some flowers, stickers and butterflies. She brought some candy for my children too.

Thank you Priya, for stopping by and for the generous gifts.


Romina’s RAK!!!

I received a lovely rak from Romina, recently. Just wanted to share some pics of the lovely goodies. I wasnt home when the package arrived. My daughter was. And the moment I arrived home she was after me to open it to see what was in it. And the second she saw one of the goodies she promptly confiscated it………..see pictorial evidence below.

First up is a card with such cute little monkeys on it…..just adorable.

And what do you know……………………..Romina did up the inside of the card too. The sentiment is so heartfelt and the tearing adds such a nice dimension. I love the sponging on the sides of the cs.

And here is the piece that my daughter was eyeing………………….

Romina thought of everyone………here’s a book she sent for my son…….

The guilty party flaunting her new gift.

Thank you Romina for such a thoughtful gift. It was truly appreciated by us all. Thanks for thinking of us. I am so sorry for posting this so late. Summer vacation does that to you…..