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12 by 12 layout

12 by 12 layout made on order as a special gift for a loved one.

And yes…I did fix the blue flower ribbon and the yellow gingham strip before I gave it to the client…(who is going to frame it after putting the photo)

Kinda like this one I made of my kids.

Its not a very good picture but you get the idea.

More posts coming up in the next few days, so stay tuned and stop by often.


Crate Paper in all its glory!

Taking a break from Basic Grey and My Mind’s Eye….here is some paper from another of my favourite companies – Crate Paper.

I’ve used Crate’s products in this layout with a fav picture of mine- my two kids and my brothers two. If memory serves me right, this was taken about three years ago. Every summer we take the kids and their cousins to the nearby Konica Studio and get some professional pics taken. My sis-in-law and I colour coordinate their clothes and have them pose in many different ways- some serious (like this pic below) some goofy (we had them do the three monkeys pose once). I kinda like this tradition.

Blue and sage green was the colour scheme in the photo and that sage green was the inspiration colour for this page. Crate Paper had the perfect colours that I wanted. Love their chipboard accents too.

I am very big on journaling on my scrapbook pages…….but for this one I decided to let it be and just let the picture do the talking.


Spotlight on Basic Grey again

Basic grey papers and my son!

Old picture, new layout.

This is a double sided paper and I finished the back of the pp like this:

This is going to be a page sans any picture. The blank white space is for journaling only.  I have my journaling ready but its personal, so I took the picture before I added the words. Its a very simple page but I love it for its elegance. The stickers are from the  Basic Grey Hello Luscious sticker sheet.

For both the pages together I ended up using one and a half sheets of 12×12 and some BG scraps left over from making the ablum (pics in the previous post).


Scrapbook pages

Well hello there!

Thought I’d show you two more scrapbook pages of my little kiddos. Well they are not so little anymore but in a mothers heart her babies will always be little ones.

I dont like to add too much bulk on my scrapbook pages because I store them in page protectors inside huge 13 x 13 three ring binders. Each of those albums hold more than 100 pages. Adding bulk makes it very difficult to slide the pages inside the page protectors. Also I like the pictures to be the showcase and not the embellies. That’s just my style.

When I do attempt pages with excessive embellies then I usually display them on a easel. But they collect a lot of dust (coz I cant use the plastic protectors) and I really dont like that.

So here they are………………………..


Oh! Those cheeks on my daughter are so yummy. My son used to call them ‘squishy cheeks’. Well…..they are not so squishy anymore and I miss that.

I hope all of you had an awesome Diwali with family, friends and lots of good food. Kids are home for five days and get back to school only on Monday. Its been raining in Chennai so they have been confined indoors. Both of them were not in a cracker-bursting mood this Diwali. I think they really are growing up. One didnt like the noise and the other worried about the pollution it caused. I was really proud of them.


‘Nough said

It’s been a while since I posted scrapbook pages. So here they are.

My daughter loves to play pretend. And in the picture on the first layout she is all packed up to travel to some imaginary place. I’m glad I had my camera handy to capture the moment. I’m sure she had a story to tell that day, which unfortunately I dont remember. But this pic captures her during her playtime  just so perfectly that I didnt think any more words were necessary.

Why is she wearing a duppatta, with the skirt, you might ask…………  I dont wear my duppatta when I am at home. It gets in the way and is kinda cumbersome. I usually drape it over the dining room chair. When I have to step out of the house the first thing I grab is my duppatta and then my purse. Didnt realise that she had noticed it. Since she was ‘travelling’ and leaving the house,she needed a duppatta, hence the fashion statement.

Gosh, she is sooooooo little in these pics. My daughter will be nine in december. These pics were taken five years ago and I remember very clearly her love affair with her sun-glasses. She wouldnt take them off…..ever. Wore them all the time…..even incorporated her glasses in all her pretend play.

These photos have triggered some lovely memories and I have a cheery-happy smile on my face.

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by this blog.

I appreciate it.

I do. Truly.

Thanks much,


Today marks the last day of vacation for my children. They get back to school tomorrow. I am going to miss having them around. Sure it meant lots less crafting time and a lot less blogging during the summer, but it also meant lotsa hugs and bonding time. I love having my kids home. We are not big on going out for entertainment so we end up spending a lot of time indoors (helps handle the heat too). Its not like its all hunky-dory lovey-dovey all the time…..there’s lotsa fights and arguements and frustrations and defiance….but that is a part and parcel of growing up.

The backpacks are packed and new uniforms and shoes have been set out. Our family tradition is new uniforms from head to toe on the first day of school. There’s a thrill in that. And the kids look so spic and span…not to mention adorable in crisp cotton uniforms and blemish-less pure white shoes. The shoes stay that way for only a day coz the red sand in their school makes the shoes brown within a week. The shoes are never the same again.

My children have told me what they want to eat for lunch on their first day and it will be made tomorrow. I have the camera all charged and ready……to take the ever important first day pics.

Have a great day tomorrow A and A. We love you.

I wasnt going to leave you without any pictures…..and here they are. These pages were very easy to put together as they use a lot of ready made embellies.

The family pic was taken five years ago at a studio.


Heart and soul

I really like placing pics in this format— four pics of different sizes inside a square and then to fill the gaps with embellies. I kinda like this and I have used this layout many times with little tweaking here and there. Here are two more.

I really should be working on the ICR Dhin Chak challenge right now…..but inspiration has not hit me yet. I have attempted to make one but wasnt happy with the colour combo so that card was abandoned. Too lazy to start another one. Hopefully tomorrow…..


Fly like a butterfly

Two more old pages for your viewing pleasure. One of each child of mine.


These pictures were taken 6-7 years ago. Its so nice to see how well my kids have grown over the past so many years. They look like little kids in these pics and when I see them in person I see the little people they are trying to become. They are slowly growing out of the kiddy phase and evolving into young adults and to see that transformation is wonderful. I love each stage of their growth and each stage feels better than the other.

Love you kiddos…….


Oh my!!! Look at the cheeks on these girls. I just want to bite them off. As I was taking this page out of the page protector I ripped part of the pic off. I should have been more careful. The humidity here is so high, I keep forgetting that the page protector tends to stick to the glossy surface of the picture. Well……… lesson well learnt.

This page uses a vellum overlay. Since glue shows through vellum I have added glue only at certain places where I can hide it well— behind all the embellies and behind the pic itself. Even with selective gluing there are a lot of wrinkles on the vellum and I dont like that at all.

This page uses a lot of bright cardstock— all inspired from the beautiful dresses of the girls.

Lots going on at the home front.

I am in the midst of cleaning my scrap desk/room right now. It was starting to resemble a pig sty…….really…it was.

I know I have to make a card soon for the the ICR challenge 3 as the deadline is fast approaching.

A bit of a medical situation that needed to be taken care of.

And I have to scrap the pics from our vacation. This time I was smart…I had the mini album ready even before our trip (talk about being over-enthusiastic) with the intention of taking the album on the trip with us and documenting on a daily basis. So much for my good intentions. We were so tired at the end of each day that writing in the album was the last thing on my mind. I did  save all the tickets and tags and now I have to start the process of completing the album. Will show you the pics soon.

I have two mini’s of my daughter in progress now. They are waiting for more pics.

I also have my son’s 13th birthday album almost ready, but he doesnt want me to post the pics here…….so you wont be seeing that for now.

So with all this happening and the kids at home and underfoot and the heat just about stifling the life out of us……….I am back. I am crafting. I am enjoying this summer.

What’s happening with you guys?


Charming little lady

Ok then….we are off to our vacation. Here’s my post before we leave. See you all in a week’s time. Stay cool till then. I am not liking this heat at all. I hope at least our vacation city will be a little cooler. I wouldnt want to go there and sit in the room. That’s all we do here now-a-days  in Chennai. Stick to the indoors and of course by evening we are getting on each others nerves.

Alrighty then…………going to make more memories…………………….