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My brother is an avid photographer who takes awesome photos. He’s also a shopper of all the jing-bang-shebang paraphernalias associated with the hobby.

He got me this wonderful gift…………………

4th Dec 2012 449

Amazing…….isint it. The photo booth folds up very nicely into the attatched bag for easy storage.

He has been telling me that I need one for the longest time. I kept telling him that I was happy taking pics of my work outside in the garden.

And then he up and got me this.

And I love my new photo booth/tent. I can take photos at night, during the day…..and any other time in between……without having to worry about adequate lighting. Perfect.

Thanks P, for this awesome gift. You are the best. Love ya!



I have WASHI TAPE in the house……………….my house.

THE  washi tape……………..japanese washi tape………….bought from S’pore………… my brother…………………love you forever, man!

He just bought a few, not knowing what it was…….just coz its looked kinda nice and he kinda just dropped it in my lap and said that I could have it if I liked it or else he will find some use for it.

I screamed ………..very loudly……………and I think I might have attacked him in my excitement (evidenced by their pet dog barking at me).

And then I might have yelled at him for only buying a few.

Now, I am waiting for his next work trip to S’pore!

Bet you wanna see a picture………….

Toldya he only bought a few. But now he knows. Next time he will remember to buy more. Thanks bro…….you made my day today.


My husband just returned from a short trip to the US. He participated in the Ride the Rockies cycling event. Participants have to cycle over 600 km over a period of 6 days over mountains and plains in the beautiful state of Colorado. He has been training intensely for this event all summer long. He got back last week after successfully completing the ride for the very first time. We at home are immensely proud 0f his achievement.

Having gone all that way, I wasnt about to pass up the opportunity to get some lovely scrapbooking supplies. He didnt have any time to do any shopping since he went there just for the event. So I ordered the stuff that I wanted and had it delivered to his office address and he brought the package home.

Leah Killian designs the Scrapbook Nook kit every month and she is also a designer for Lifestyle Crafts. I have been a follower of her blog for a very long time. She had listed a bunch of stuff for sale on her blog and I ordered some Crate and Basic Grey pp, some Petaloo flowers and some dies. Eveything is lovely and i am still in the ogling phase……..the actual using phase will take at least another month.

Here are some pics………………………………first up Basic Grey— Hello Luscious, Sweet Threads and Lauderdale papers.

Next is Crate’s Toy Box collection (pic below) and Emma’s Shoppe (oops…forgot to take a pic).

And now here are the Petaloo flowers……absolutely gorgeous they are. Cant stop looking at them. I know that I have to bring myself to use them someday…..

This last lot of flower brads, pretty flower ribbon and organza flowers (pic below) was a gift from Leah. That was so kind and generous of her. Thank you Leah!

And these are the dies that are in my house right now………still cant believe it. That rose swirl die is something I have been coveting for the longest time.

I know its not a good pic to I’ll tell you what they are – there’s a cradle, a castle, flowers, rose swirl (small and big) and a set of five nesting flowers.

Most of the embellies that i  made this weekend (check yesterday’s post for pics) were using the nesting flower dies.

Now I am off to enjoy and create with my new goodies (except the paper….I cant bring myself to cut it yet)


Flowers from Niki Estes

I was on the receiving end of some flower love………Niki Estes sent me some gorgeous Prima flowers and here they are in their beautiful splendour. I sorted them into two colour families and have already started using them.

Thank you so much Ms.Estes. Your kindness is very much appreciated.

I have wanted Prima flowers in my studio for the longest time and I am so happy to finally have them.


Look guys…………………….I got a gift. And I love it.  Package came in the mail on Sat and my mini album for my daughter using these Echo Park – Little Girl papers is complete. I have to get it bound and add pictures, then it will be ready. I’ll show you the pics then.

Sometime ago I sent some paper packs from Ananda Stationery Stores to Tejal. I decided not to take any money from Tejal for that as my way of saying thank you to her. She is the one who kept at me to start a blog and share my cards. But for her this blog wouldnt have happened. Not just that, she walked me through a lot of the technical nitty gritty that comes with starting a blog (I am computer challenged, remember).

But of course, she did not let that be. She sends me this set of absolutely beautiful Echo Park papers through Ujjwal (thanks much, Ujjwal).

AAaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ————- that was the scream I let out when I opened the package. My daughter immediately said, ‘Is it for me? Is it for me, Amma? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!’ I couldnt wait to start making the album. And now I cant wait to show you guys the pics of the finished product. Soon, though……I promise.

So here are the pictures of the beautiful papers……………………..

Thank you Tejal,  once again, from the bottom of my heart. Amruta says Thank You too.


Doing the happy dance…….

YUP!!! Still got the silly grin on my face and still doing the happy dance. My fingers actually trembled when I inked up the butterflies……..not kidding at all. Been playing with the stamps all morning and I am still on the butterflies. I had to finally tell myself to stop or else the other stamps will start to feel jealous……right girls?

To post a pic I have to stop what I am doing and take some pics….which I havent been able to do. So please bear with me and hopefully I will be back tomorrow with some butterfly cards.

Ta ta till then,


New goodies…….YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!

I got my new goodies yesterday. AND I AM THRILLED………..can you tell??? My cousin is visiting from the US and he offered to bring me my PTI stamps and MSE stamps. I’m sure most of you out there know about PTI and MSE. Both are stellar companies and their products are known for their superior quality. A special mention must be made  of Adrienne Kennedy of MSE. She is one helpful lady. Please stop by her blog to see her projects and the wonderful deals she offers up every single week.

I had also purchased some dies at PTI, but they havent been delivered yet. I’m kinda disappointed coz now I’ll have to cut up the butterflies and flowers by hand. Some of the stamps have seen ink already.  I have been walking around all of today with a big grin pasted on my face……like a kid in a candy store I dont know which ones to play with……the butterflies….or the sentiment stamps……..or the birds…….or my first sympathy set……or the flowers…..OMG I actually have Beautiful Blooms  II i.n.s.i.d.e my house……on my craft desk. I’m almost scared to ink it. I’ve been smelling it… really I have…..I love the smell of the clear stamps.

Very verklempt right now. I’ll be back tomorrow with a more coherent post.